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Patton Global Security is the premier security guard company in Los Angeles. We've made a name for ourselves through out outstanding customer service and by providing a top-notch service that is unmatched by any other security guard company in the Los Angeles area. We've made sure that during our time our clients call us time and time again to take care of their security needs. We've been in business for many years and over that time we've always strived for improvement in every area so that you and your business or interests stay safe and secure.

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Patton Global Security Guard Company,Los Angeles

Patton Global Security Guard Company,Los Angeles

Best Security Guard Service In Los Angeles

Our method of security is created and built on three pillars that we believe are the key to success. The first is Integrity. We believe that there is no substitute for integrity. We strive to provide the best possible service and the only way to do that is if there's trust across the entirety of the organization. As such we ensure that our guards and all of our employees are honest and bring our values and standards to every project we assign them. Part of our integrity involves open and honest communication between us, our employees and our clients. This allows us to address any concerns or problems that may arise quickly and efficiently so that you can stay safe and secure.

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The second pillar is the pillar of Vigilance. No guard will be able to work well if they aren't vigilant and ready to respond to suspicious or dangerous situations. We make sure all of our guards are highly trained and held to a high standard. All of our employees with Patton Global Security practice vigilance and attention to detail in all of their work. All of this to make sure that nothing goes unnoticed and that you're in safe hands.

Patton Global Security Guard Company,Los Angeles

Patton Global Security Guard Company,Los Angeles

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The final pillar Patton Global Security is built on helpfulness. We're always ready to help our clients with any all security needs that they have. This culture runs through our main offices and is something we instill in every one of our security guards. We want to make sure that when you work with Patton Global Security that you're taken care of and that your needs are met. Every person in this company is here to make sure you have the best services available and all of the help you need.

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The team at Patton Global Security offers many services to fit all of your needs. These include specialized guarding such as a choice between armed security guards and unarmed security guards. We also offer remote video solutions and fire safety among a wide variety of other services. We understand that everyone has different needs in order to meet their security needs. We work with every client individually to develop a unique and personalized strategy in order to service your needs as best we can at a value that suits your budget. All of our services are tailor-made in order to provide you with the best security options available.

Patton Global Security Guard Company,Los Angeles

Customer's Reviews

Marcell Williams

Best security company and Amazing firm. They provide good services. If u want to hire security trust this company. They are reliable and good. I would like to thank Patton global security for the outstanding.

Paul Rodriguez

Great customer service, they are always available to help out! They have great system of running things, i always get reports from the management on daily activity of the property.

Jacop Martinez

Patton global security is one heck of a company they always accomplish what they promise. You get a good deal and a reasonable price compare to other companies and trust meee i have called every single company in the valley and compared prices and services this one is the best on you can find.

Angela Marcus

We contacted Patton global security for my brother's wedding, and they are wonderful, the whole event was under control and they were very sharp and they even helped with carrying stuff at the wedding and thank you for serving us great service. Thank you so much for providing us great service.

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The protective service offering includes on-site, mobile and remote guarding, fire and safety services and corporate risk management

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Whether you need an armed security guard, an unarmed security guard, a residential security guard, or any other security options there's no better private security guard company than Patton Global Security. We make sure that you're taken care of and that all of our pillars are working in conjunction to bring you great security at the price to fit your budget. If you're in need of custom security from the best security guard company in Los Angeles then look no further than Patton Global Security.

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